Get out, go adventure, find happiness.

Get out, go adventure, find happiness.




  • BFA - Grand Valley State University, 2013
  • Full Ironman Triathlon (140.6) Finisher
  • 50-Mile Ultramarathon Finisher

I'm passionate about art, design, adventuring, and overall wellness. My pursuits of endurance running, biking, swimming, hiking, etc. have taught me how to finish large scale projects while being able to take unexpected bumps in stride. Much of my fine art and printmaking work relies on the unpredictable nature of the medium or processes I choose to work with. Just like training and racing, I invest a large amount of time practicing and refining techniques, but when it comes to the final piece (or race day) there are things that are always outside of your control. Preparing for those things and allowing them to shape the final product creates an element of truth in the work that I admire.